Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mini-Spruce Up

Sometimes the littlest changes make all the difference. I picked up these curtains at IKEA for the office, but once I got them home I had to try them in the bedroom first. The bedroom looks so different and new to me now. They're definitely staying!

I'm debating getting some black thermal roman blinds to put behind them. I like to block out the light to allow for my favorite bedroom activity: sleeping in. Plus if they block the drafts, even better.


  1. I love those! I've yet to make it to an IKEA store, but hopefully when we go to the Cincinnati Flower Show, we'll get to go. I get their catalog.

  2. Oh wow, they look fabulous. I will have to check them out next time I make it to Ikea.

  3. Those are lovely! It's been ages since I've been to IKEA; I think it's time to make a run.


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