Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

I'm not done with the Christmas decorating, but my new tree is up! I've been living with the same 2.5 foot Christmas tree since I was a kid. But this year I was ready for something new and different. Something that doesn't fit on the top of the entertainment center.

I originally wanted a white tree, even though that trend is probably on the way out, but after I painted the fireplace white I thought a white tree might blend in too much. Then we spotted this beauty, which looks blue from a distance, but up close has a blend of teal, blue and purple. It sounds hideous, I know, but looks good in my living room with the blue curtains and pillows. The boyfriend convinced me it was too hideous to bring home, then he went out and brought it home. Now he thinks it looks love-er-ly.

I considered getting new silver and white ornaments to decorate the new tree with, but I'd miss all my old ornaments. Some of them were made by my mom, others were made by special people who are long gone, and many were given to me as gifts over the years. And what would Christmas be without fond memories anyway?

Too bad the boyfriend had to add his own fond memories to the tree too, in the form of super hero ornaments. Luckily they blend in pretty well with all the other bright colors.

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