Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lemon Cuke Watch

What's the veggie I'm most anxiously awaiting in my garden? Lemon cucumbers! I tried some on a vacation to Seattle a few years ago, and I've been wanting another ever since. This year I used one of the earth boxes the boy's mom got me for Christmas (excellent gift BTW) solely for lemon cuke use. Which is good because the seeds I planted in the garden didn't even germinate. Much like the regular cukes I planted last year. This is what it looks like now, the five lemon cuke vines are taking over. This picture doesn't even show you how much the vine is spreading, but you can't even see the earth box anymore. But still I planted these late, in late June in fact, so I wasn't sure they'd have enough time to produce this season.

A few days ago I was delighted to finally see some blossoms on the vines. Maybe they would have enough time to produce afterall.

And today I spotted three baby lemon cukes. Aren't they cute? Hurry up and grow little guy, cause I can't wait to eat you!

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