Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lazy Saturday Mornings

I love lazy Saturday mornings. The weekend stretches out ahead of me, so full of promise. Maybe I'll be productive and get some projects on the vast to-do list done. Maybe I'll just relax and unwind from the work week.

After getting to sleep in a whopping 80 minutes later than during the week (yes, I'm a little bitter I still have to set an alarm on the weekends, but my sugar kitty is worth it), I stumble in the kitchen where three impatient cats await their breakfast. Well, if I'm lucky they're waiting in the kitchen. Otherwise they come wake me up early. Usually by the time they see me at least one of them is crying as if he's never been fed before in his life. Drama kings, all of them.

After I dish out and heat up three different meals to our three persnickety felines, and give Alex his insulin shot, I catch up on my Internet reading and tune in to A&E to watch several episodes of Sell This House, my new home-improvement show fav which only seems to be shown on Saturdays.

Then I make myself something special, like muffins or eggs. On really special mornings I make French press coffee and open-faced sandwiches with Finlandia swiss cheese (mmmm...) and cucumber slices (today with homegrown lemon cukes from my garden!) and pretend I'm in Scandinavia. Ahhh...

Raahe, Finland 2004 trip

Then I'm off to see what the day brings. Hope your day brings whatever you're looking for.

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  1. Yum--looks delicious! And I'm with you about Saturday mornings:)


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