Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gardening Aches and Pains for Green Thumb Sunday

My yard and garden have been neglected for a bit and have quickly grown into an overgrown jungle for spite. So instead of blogging about gardening today, I actually got out and gardened for three hours. And oh, am I paying for it now. The pain starts around my wrists and radiates up past my elbows. I'm not even 30 yet (I can still say this for a few more weeks yet, so I plan to take advantage), what the heck am I gonna feel like in 20 years?

I wasn't doing the fun gardening stuff, like planting or harvesting. No, I was watering, weeding and doing some major trimming/pruning of six bushes. The pic above is a before of what I had to attack. It was the pruning that got me and my burgeoning carpal tunnel. And now it huuuuuuuuurts.

On a happier note, the part of the garden I'm most excited about right now is probably these lemon cuke blooms. I fell in love with lemon cukes after trying them in Seattle a few years ago and I've been craving another taste ever since. I hope they have time to grow.

The tomato count for this year is now at 4 (doesn't include cherries of course): 3 golden girls and one early girl.

Whoops, it's almost 10, time for this old-timer to hit the sack.

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