Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Lovely Daffodils and Their Friends

I find nothing more welcoming after a long, snowy winter than the cheerful faces of daffodils. And while I like other spring bulbs (few things beat a pink tulip!) quite a bit, the fact that daffodils naturalize and that squirrels shun them, together with happy past memories of them, helps make daffodils my favorite flower.

Yes, they can be bold, as the popular yellow daffodils show, but I simply can't agree with Elizabeth that they're too loud for a small garden. To me it isn't spring until the daffs show up.

But daffodils aren't the only things blooming now in my little central Ohio garden. I'm still waiting on the tulips to bloom, but I am enjoying these chionodoxas.

These gorgeous pansies that are sprucing up my deck are anything but wimpy.
I only have a few hyacinths, but I look forward to seeing them!

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  1. I love your daffodil with the orange center!

  2. I, too, LOVE daffodils! They are so bright and cheery. None in my garden right NOW... the early ones have died back and the late ones have just sent up their buds. Maybe next week!

    Love the flower pics!

  3. I love the daffodils. You are right, they spread and the squirrels don't bother them. What's not to like?

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day,
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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