Sunday, October 14, 2007

Neighborhood Garden Inspiration

My small, in-progress garden is winding down, so I thought I'd share some other great gardens from my neighborhood. As I drive around my neighborhood, some houses catch my eye more than others, the ones with the best gardens, of course. I buying flower 'm debating purchasing flower boxes for my house. The best flower boxes around are definitely the ones at this house. These boxes are always bright, vibrant and overflowing, even in October.

But my absolute favorite house around is this little lovely. It looks quite cottage-y and definitely provides some great inspiration for how I'd like my house to look one day. These pictures don't do the place justice (I felt a little intrusive taking them), but it's obvious these owners love their home and love plants.

There are interesting plants, ornaments and setting to look at all around the house. I drive slowly every time I pass it to see what's new.

Maybe I'll meet the ones one day and be invited beyond the gate and into the cozy back yard.

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