Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Garden Isn't Done Yet

It may be fall, it may be almost October, but my garden isn't done yet. We finally got some significant rain last week, which perked up my wilted plants, and the weather has been beautiful. We're currently experiencing weather bliss in my opinion, highs in the high 70s and low 80s and chilly at night. Even weeding is a treat in this weather!

My rose (still not sure what kind of it is) i still blooming, although not as profusely as it was in June and the blooms are all clustered in these giant clumps.

The veronica speedwell is still going too and looks great next to the sweet alyssum that I grew from seed. The alyssum is looking great right now.

The tomatoes are still going strong too.

And the most exciting news, to me anyway, is that it looks like one of my coneflower plants might actually bloom this year. Last year I planted seeds that did nothing, so this year I bought some tiny coneflowers plants which haven't looked like they were doing a whole lot but in the last couple of weeks there has been some major developments. I just hope they bloom before this gorgeous weather disappears for another year and we get a hard frost.

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  1. Looks like fall is treating your garden kindly. Happy GTS,

  2. WOW...beautiful pink roses in a clump like that! Very old fahioned looking!


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