Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Hour Just Got a Little Less Happy...

Did you hear the news? Apparently it's not bad enough that regularly drinking copious amounts of alcohol can cause Cirrhosis and alcoholism. Oh nooo. Today they had to announce that regularly drinking more than three drinks per day increases a woman's chance of getting breast cancer by 30%. THIRTY percent! I just want to know if this is based on an average or what. Cause I'm pretty sure I can keep it below 21 drinks per week easy. But less than three weeks every single day...weeeeel. Luckily one or two drinks per day only increases your risk by 10%. I'll drink to that!

But seriously, this cancer thing is getting out of control. I need a vice to deal with the stress of living with a poisonous gas in my home. Yes, I’m talking about radon. Yet another worry I I'd be blissfully unaware of if I had JUST STAYED A RENTER. In my basement the decision of opening the windows or not is a toss up. I can keep them closed and run the dehumidifier to ward off the mold, or I can open them up so as to dilute and hopefully reduce the amount of radon I inhale everyday. Cause radon is going to give me lung cancer you know.

So combine all this with my family history and odds are looking pretty good that it's the big C for me.

Well, gotta go, all this cancer bidness is making me thirsty...

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