Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life Lately

The weather was perfect for our mid-week farmer's market, and I picked up some tasty 
heirloom tomatoes, among other things. Oh, and roasted eggplant with garlic is now my favorite.

 Seeing this neon pink zinnia glowing in the garden makes me smile

It was raining during Saturday's farmer's market, but I saw a picture of 
these heirloom cucumbers and for sale and I had to have them.

 I love the way this recycled planter turned out this year. It's bursting with
zinnias, Veronica Speedwell, nasturiums and mallow.

Today we installed the first four refinished cabinet doors. Cabinets with doors!! So exciting.

And Mikko is still doing amazingly well despite a serious heart condition, thanks to his medications (knock on wood, cause I'm superstitious). He doesn't love taking them, and I don't love making him do so, but we manage.

Plus the weather has been lovely. I've had the AC off for two whole days, 
quite amazing for late July in these parts.

How are things for you?

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