Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Perfect Summer Weekend

my outdoor living room
We had a great weekend. The weather was amazingly perfect. Last weekend it was sufferingly hot, in the 90s with high humidity and high pollen. I was miserable and hid out inside in the AC all weekend.

This weekend was the complete opposite. Highs in the 70s, low 80s tops, low humidity and a much more forgiving pollen count. In June no less! No AC was needed, and the windows have been open all weekend. It's even been cool enough in the evenings to require snuggling in a blanket. In short, it was perfection. And we definitely took advantage of it.

We finally planted our summer vegetables, three kinds of peppers (Habanaro, Jalapeno, and Cayenne) for the boy and three kinds of tomatoes (Early Girl, Golden Girl, and Patio) for me. I also planted a ton of flowers and a flat of strawberries. I finally slapped a coat of primer on the pantry doors, and we took a long bike ride today, 15.7 miles!

Alex is such a diva. Check out that back leg.
There was also plenty of time for R&R on the deck, and a Sunday nap.

If only the weather would stay this perfect all summer.

How was your weekend?

p.s. Can anyone identify this flower for me? I planted Sweet Alyssum seeds but this is a giant compared to any other Alyssum I've seen.


  1. Hi Minhus
    lovely to hear that you have had a relaxing weekend : )
    I just wondered if you were comtinuing with the YMOYL series or is it in too hard basket? No worries if so
    Ruth x

  2. Sounds lovely! And your deck looks like an amazing place to relax. It was nice and cool here yesterday so I took advantage of the opportunity and spent the day cooking. Today CatMan and I holed up and watched movies (and ate the spoils of yesterday's cook-a-thon.)

    Tomorrow I hope to make it to the greenhouse to buy some peppers and zucchini neither of which germinated when I tried to plant them from seed. Oh well. I may also pick up another tomato because the ones I've planted got infested with some nasty little black bugs and look awful! I sprayed them with neem oil, and I don't see the bugs any more, but one of the plants looks like a total loss.

    Anyhow, those flowers look like candytuft to me. Perennial, about 2-3 feet tall with a long straight stems that have tiny leaves and a cluster of blossoms at the top of each sprig that bloom for a month or more throughout the summer. There seems to be some general confusion between those two flowers because if you google "candytuft" you'll get lots of pictures of Sweet Alyssum - and while the flowers look similar in photos, the plants are completely different in size and structure. Not sure what's up with that, maybe they're related or maybe people are just confused.

    1. Oh it's definitely candytuft, thanks for solving the mystery, Cat! Makes sense too, as someone sent me a pack of candytuft seeds last year. They didn't do much, but maybe they sprouted the second year, that happens to me sometimes. I like them, they look great in our scrapwood planter and have been blooming for at least a month.


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