Friday, June 29, 2012

Attacking My Clutter Hot Spot

This post on Small Notebook inspired me to attack one of our clutter hot spots: the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Go ahead and go check it out, I'll wait. Have you ever seen such a sparse under-the-sink area? I haven't.

My own under-the-sink cabinet is just slightly more cluttered.


the quality control team inspects the rejects

Despite what it may have looked like, the sink was mostly cluttered with bags, dirty cleaning cloths and a few items that belong in the basement. Once I cleared out those items, and did a quick cleaning of the crumbs and whatnot, it looked much better.

Voila! Although my cabinet will never be as empty as the one featured on Small Notebook, it looks much better with empty space and organized items. Now it makes me happy every time I open the cabinet.

What are your clutter hot spots and when did you last attack them?


  1. I have never liked a messy under the sink area. My clutter hotspots tends to be corner where I dump things to sort 'later' amd that does get cleared fairly often

    1. Me either Samantha. Sadly, I've cleaned that same cupboard many times. What can I say, I like to hide my clutter. :)

  2. Ha! Well, my under the sink cabinet is one of the few areas where I don't have a clutter problem. This isn't because I'm surprisingly tidy in this one tiny area of my life, it's because the plastic pipes tend to get disconnected and leak!

    BUT - I have been trying to slowly tackle areas of clutter and my latest success was the bathroom closet. I went to the thrift store and got a few lazy Susans as well as a little pull out drawer thing which have tamed the collection of bottles, jars, first aid supplies, etc. It's SOOO nice to actually be able to find what I need in there!

    1. Good for you ECL! Declutterers unite!! :)

  3. Ours tend to be our hall closet and garage. I just vlog'd our garage...and it's a giant cluster. It's hard when the stuff filling an area is not yours, so you have really no control over what comes in/out. Plus, in our case, we have a half dozen partially completed home projects and all the components shoved in the garage. UGH!

    But your sink cabinet looks good! We too definitely utilize that space for our trash can, cat food, & dish detergent. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Oh MM, I just watched the video and you would have a heart attack if you say what The Boyfriend does to the garage during projects. There have been WEEKS when I literally couldn't walk through it.

  4. I have so many hotspots that it's easier to answer what's not a hotspot. All my kitchen cabinets are good including under the sink (which has all the tall things that won't fit anywhere with shelves: a rack of pot lids, a rack of skinny things like cookie sheets and cutting boards, a stack of pots, and pitchers). (My fridge and pantry are a different story--seems like food comes in faster than it goes out, or at least the stuff coming in isn't always in the same shapes as what went out.)

    Bookshelves are good. I'm good at keeping the car clean (no kids or pets). My gym bag and cloth grocery bags get properly emptied between uses. Laundry baskets are good (I have drying racks, so I have to do laundry just about every day because it's too hard to catch up if I get behind).

    I guess my biggest hotspot is the yard, especially in the summer when there's only a tiny window (at best) of time with both semi-tolerable temperatures and natural light. And I am also supposed to be awake during this timeframe? And dressed? And not rushing off to work? Weeds, weeds, weeds. You'd think in clay soil with no water, there wouldn't be much that could survive getting yanked out by the roots. But in fact, just about everything can. And then there's the mowing. You can't mow in the rain, but by the time it dries, it's boiling hot again.


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