Monday, May 30, 2011

Easy Peasy

Over the past months and now years I've been focused on decluttering, I've pretty much purged the easy stuff. Clothes that don't fit or are stained and torn, things I never use and don't care about, magazines, etc. were all tossed without agony.

Now that most of the easy stuff is gone, progress is much slower. My urge to purge is stronger than ever, stronger in fact that my ability to let go of a lot that's left. That's why to satisfy my urge-to-purge and keep making progress, I find it helpful to tackle an easy decluttering project now and then.

So far this weekend I tackled two.

1. Easy target #1: Under the Bed

There's no room in my tiny bedroom for end tables, so a lot of clutter ends up getting shoved under the bed. What is supposed to be a temporary fix ends up becoming a dust-bunny wonderland. On Friday I came home and dragged everything out from under the bed and decluttered. It was an easy win that felt great.

The stuff lurking under my bed

Decluttered: One pair of ugly brown shoes with pink bows (Yes, really. WTF was I thinking when I bought those?), pair of black heels that hurt my feet, empty shoeboxes, clothes, metal case and trash.

kicked to the curb

2. Easy Target #2: Junk drawers

While surfing last night I stumbled upon the 21-day challenge on a new-to-me blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons. The first challenge? Declutter a junk drawer. Easy, relatively-quick and definitely something that needed to be done. I immediately jumped up and did two.

Decluttered: Trash, filled notepad, loose notes, etc.

junk drawer #1

junk drawer #2

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