Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas 2009: The Better Late Than Never Edition

So it's January. You're tired of Christmas, I'm tired of Christmas, but some lazy pants around here never posted any Christmas photos. For shame. Anyway, for posterity sake, and so that I can look back next year, here's what Christmas 2009 looked like around min hus.

Last year I changed up the decorations quite a bit with the addition of the blue tree, which I still love, so this year only some minor tweaking was done. And in my effort to simplify and not make unnecessary purchases, I didn't even buy any clearance after Christmas decorations for next year, because I have enough as it is.


  1. What a beautiful Christmas picture. Your fireplace and all of the decorations were gorgeous. Hope you had some good holidays.

  2. looks great!! Love that second photo.


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