Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nine Days, Endless Possibilities

Ah freedom! I have the next nine days off work. That time stretches before me and seems full of endless possibilities. Everywhere I turn I find more projects to add to my to-do list:
  • deep clean and declutter the house (it's baaad!!!)
  • clean out my closet and put away summer clothes
  • rake the leaves
  • clean up the garden and put away pots
  • finally do that in/out box art project
  • file and weed office papers
  • patch and paint by the new cable plate in the kitchen
  • patch the spot by the fireplace
  • deep cleaning the basement (it's a wreck!)
  • list lots of items on Etsy
  • paint the fireplace (definitely a pipe dream, but oh it would be nice...)
It seems almost doable, except that tomorrow is the boy's birthday and I have a very important, top secret project that will take up the rest of the next day and a half. I also promised my mom I'd help her clean her house before the relatives arrive. Then we'll be tied up for Thanksgiving and some of Black Friday. So that leaves maybe four days for projects. I'm hoping that by posting my to-do list I'll be more likely to finish some of it!


  1. Wow, I love that vase! perfect color!

  2. Where in the hell is my cake (or giant cookie) slacker?

  3. Me too! But what have I done? NOTHING so far! Heading out to caulk now with head hanging.


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