Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh Moomin, You Complete....My Kitchen

A mere nine months after dear Hanna and Netta gave me this lovely Moomin clock (kiitos), it is finally displayed in its full glory on the wall. I loooves it! And with that, my kitchen art is complete. I even managed to get the nail in without bending it or chipping the paint, a vast improvement over what usually happens when I go a hammerin'. For more kitchen views see my Flickr page.

My love affair with Moomin (or Muumi as I first knew them) began when I was an exchange student in Norway. I can still hum the theme song although I'm not sure I can write it. Not that I've managed to read more than one or two stories yet, but I just LOVE those characters, as you can tell by my collection of Moomin mugs (top right), glass cards and even hand-towels. Yet another favorite reason for going to Finland is to be able to pick up another mugs or two.

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  1. This is hardly to believe: The Moomin Family is existing, I always wanted to find out if there are stll books for children here in Germany about the Moomin family, because the stories about this family were my first books I was reading when I was a little girl and went for the first time to the local library. I have never seen since this time in the Sixties this book here...and I am nearly grandmother now!


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