Thursday, March 15, 2007

Min Forste Hus

0r my first house, for those who don't speak norwegian (neither do I really)

What they say is true, when you find the one you just know. After months of looking, several offers and too many open houses to count, I found it in July 2005. My first house. Sure it only had one bathroom when I desperately coveted an extra half bath, and yes, there are only two bedrooms. In fact, the whole house (not counting the basement or attic) is less than 600 square feet. But it's mine. Or the banks. But whatever.

Since then I've painted my first room (and four more), learned to garden, fixed a dishwasher and am learning not freak out when things break. I've also become obsessed with all things to do with homes and gardens. This space will be a place to save and share the good bits I find and rant and rave about the joys of home ownership.


  1. Cute house! I just started reading--and I can't wait to go check out your flickr.

    I'm doing my kitchen now, check my pics. There's a link on my blog.

  2. I too am in a small house. Great blog, wish there was a house tour to go with it.


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