Sunday, June 21, 2009

How My Veggie Garden Grows

My little container vegetable garden is really flourishing. You can see what it looked like at planting time to really see how much it's grown.

This is my monster zucchini, which I planted because I thought the easy-grow factor would be good for my gardener's ego. Plus, what's not to love about a plant known for producing more veggies than you can use? I'll take that challenge! This monster zucchini is even more impressive in person (at least to me and the neighbor). As you can see, it's almost taller than the fence! Actually there are two zucchini plants in this Earthbox, along with the two poor peppers that have been completely overtaken. Note to self, in the future plant two zucchini plants per earthbox, max.

I have lots of baby tomatoes growing on my six tomato plants that are also in Earthboxes, although according to past experience I probably have another month to wait before I'll be tasting any of them.

I even had my first harvest today! I hadn't been watching my zucchini closely enough, and when I looked today I was delighted to see four zucchinis ripe for the pickin'. Yep, so far I'm pretty pleased with my zucchini growing experience.

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