Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dear Golden Girl (the tomato people, the tomato)

Dear Golden Girl,

As you may have noticed, I was nervous about tasting you. Which is why I kept you waiting on the kitchen counter for an entire 24 hours. You see, I only started eating tomatoes a few years ago. I have a very uneducated tomato palate. I've never even tried an orange tomato before. Oh the wasted years.

Tonight though, after a heavy Indian lunch buffet, I craved a light, refreshing dinner. I saw you lying there, with your little cherry tomato cousins. So I tried you. First alone, sliced. You were everything I love about tomatoes and more. You have no hint of acidity. I tried you with salt, too much at first, and then just the right amount. Frankly, I prefer you plain, without unnecessary accoutrements.

Then I sliced you and tossed you with hothouse cukes, your cherry tomato cousins, green onions pulled fresh from the garden and Italian dressing. I know I don't need to tell you this, but you were delicious. I paired you with a toasted, buttered bun topped with swiss cheese and cucumber slices and a glass of merlot. And, Golden Girl, you were even better.

In fact you may have been the highlight of my weekend (which I realize says more about me than you). I can't wait for more of your siblings to be ready for my plate.

Needless to say, you've earned a permanent place in my garden.

Until then, I'll be remembering you fondly.

-min hus


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  2. MM,

    You seem to have confused the Golden Girl tomato in this post with gay icon and Golden Girl star Estelle Getty, who passed away last week.

    This was a wonderful post filled with joy and sensuality. With it, min hus has given us the gift of herself and demonstrated one of her great qualities. She can make anything exciting! The tomato was the highlight of her weekend, but reading about her experience with the tomato was the highlight of mine. I can't understand how anyone could read this post and not want to either:

    - eat the tomato
    - BE the tomato

    I personally hope to see more of this sort of creativity.

  3. Ummmmm no, there is no confusion on my part. The post itself is pretty straight-forward and lacks ambiguity, so I failed to see anything sensual about it. The tomato is not a metaphor for anything, she merely enjoyed eating it and described it in vivid detail. If anything, the post is a metaphor for cannibalism as opposed to something sensual.


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