Sunday, July 15, 2007

Teeny, Tiny Hollyhocks

I didn't expect this minature Hollyhock (Sidalcea malviflora) that I bought from Michigan Bulb Co. to do anything this year, but one of the six is actually blooming. This may be one of the smallest flowers I've ever seen, but at least it proves one of the six plants is doing ok. A couple of the others got fried.

It's so tiny, it's hard to give you a closer look. Here's a bit closer look.

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  1. Sorry I keep missing your posts for Green Thumb Sunday.

    That hollyhock is pretty funny.

  2. You keep having garden surprises. Glad to see this hollyhock has flowered for you.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  3. Our local hollyhocks have long since bitten the dust--they reach their peak in April. Yours are looking good. Do they get 7 feet tall like they do here?

  4. It is so sweet and tiny. It looks a little lonely though.

  5. MrBrownThumb - Thanks for visiting. I've been to your blog many times. Your photgraphy is amazing.

    Sara - Thanks for stopping by!

    No rain - Actually, this is a mini hollyhock that I purchased from Michigan Bulb Co. It was just planted in May. It's only supposed to get 2-4' high.

    Chigiy - Yeah. I think I'm going to stop following the spacing directions on tags. Sometimes they seem way too far apart. These are planted on the opposite side of a fence that borders the bed. There's no much room back there cause it's a path. These are just supposed to provide a little background interest. If, you know, they grow like two feet. :)

    Jean - Merci.


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