Thursday, May 17, 2007

I think I have a serious problem

I am a woman obsessed. The object of my obsession? Pride and Prejudice, the movie. I don't know what it is with this movie, but as I sit here and watch it for, oh, the 20th time, I realize I may have an issue. This is the movie I watch when I'm feeling depressed, tired or sick. I watched it day after day last summer. Then I read the book.

Last night I made the mistake of popping it in while I laid on the couch feeling miserable (thanks allergies!) and now I'm finishing it. And reading the book again.

If only there was a sequel...I need to see Darcy and Lizzy happily together for more than five minutes.

Is there some kind of group therapy for this affliction?


  1. There is a group! It's called Margaritas at El Vaquero! Email me, and we'll go. ;)

  2. I'm like this with the book "Wuthering Heights." Unfortunately I don't like any of the movies they've made, so I have to read the book. But I love all Jane Autsen's books. Everyone is happy and married at the end.


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